By introducing our MannaTerra-based Future Science Kit in classrooms, we are giving children the opportunity to learn about their natural environment that they can resolve the problems that they've inherited from previous generations.

NOTE* We estimate that delivery of the MannaTerra Future Science kits to school classrooms will become available Christmas  2023.   *Actual size and color of bottles and other components may vary from photos or artistic renderings.





One Classroom at a Time

With this fun, innovative and interactive tool, children will learn how to nurture plants in a sustainable manner.  

By growing things that are invisible, such as, symbiotic and probiotic micro-organisms, they will learn how to monitor, collect and share data, through measurable results. 

.... but most importantly, the curriculum encourages children to reconnect with the natural world that surrounds them, by recognizing the intrinsic value and critical importance of the many resources that Mother Nature has to offer. 

"Our survival depends on our ability to live in harmony with Nature."

With your support and participation, we will provide children with the knowledge and tools they need to protect their local parks, gardens, schools, community playgrounds, pets and lawns.

Help us to deliver the kits to local schools in your neighborhood TODAY! 
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