The Co-Founders

Deborah L. McAdoo 

Atlanta, USA

Takashi Sada

Japan / USA

We support future generations by providing educational tools and the facilitation, allocation and provision of grants, scholarships and logistical support for children, young adults and graduates.

We are engaged in the provision of Educational Services to the general public as regards:

~ The preservation of endangered species;

~ Education regarding the importance of sustainable innovation;

~ The ethical implementation of permaculture;

~ Our rights to expect and employ ecological accountability;

~ Commercial activities which may be defined as “Right Livelihood.”

~ Prevention of cruelty to fauna and flora


About Tesla Earth Institute

Tesla Earth Institute is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation that operates as an Educational Research Organization. Our activities are governed by a duly registered and ethically managed consortia of Delaware Public Benefit Corporations and a Not~For~Profit Philosophical Foundation.

An excerpt from our General Conferance Governance Document states that:
"We are a not-for-profit, public service enterprise, serving both local and international communities, governments and the people of the world, regardless of age, race, creed or color; and as such we afford other individual’s all due respect for their personal religious and/or political affiliations. We encourage others to follow the paradigms of ahimsa and the paradigms of the early and original Essene Movement. We respect equally the male and female principle and discourage gender-based chauvinism.

We encourage the development of educational activities, health-care, publishing of curriculum, and other such involvement that serves local and international communities."

All proceeds from the sale of our products and services go towards funding sustainable education.