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Liquid Bokashi – OUT OF STOCK – Masters of HomeGrown

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Safe for Pets and Children


~ A proprietary blend of symbiotic and probiotic micro-organisms
~ 100% naturally derived, rare-earth elements and minerals
~ Patent Pending nano-technology, suitable for use in USDA Organic produce

100% Naturally Derived | Sustainable Biotechnology 

The proven results of our proprietary technology, when used properly,  include:
~ Repair of damaged soil
~ Protection of plants and animals from drought
~ Increased root structure, vigor, growth-rate and yield
~ Increase of nutrient recognition and uptake at root level
~ Reduction of water consumption in parks, lawns and playgrounds
~ Stimulation of growth rate and productivity in fruits and vegetables
~ Restoration of health and vigor to lakes, rivers, forests and wet lands



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Available on backorder

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We first make an extract of Ocean Essence from seawater; Ocean Essence is a primary ingredient in MannaTerra (TM).

We then “feed” this Essence of Ocean water to our symbiotic and probiotic microorganisms.

This Ocean Essence contains a broad spectrum of elements and minerals, as well as an array of humic and fulvic acids, along with other nutrients and proteins, plus microscopic roughage; all of which, are essential to the metabolic processes of sentient life.

Our blend of symbiotic / probiotic microorganisms are propagated in a medium which includes all of these rare-earth elements and minerals.

Microbes propagate and reproduce at an exponential rate

Microbes propagate and reproduce at an exponential rate, multiplying themselves by the millions and billions within hourly increments.

As they propagate and multiply themselves, these probiotic microbes leave behind various types of metabolic residue, some of which, form silken threads, that turn into a thick, woven carpet of super~nutrients, common nutrients, proteins, and sponge~like, absorbent and adsorbent materials.

As they propagate and multiply themselves, the micro~information and DNA~updates which the microbes inherited (from the elements and minerals, fulvic and humic acids), are passed~on to other life~forms (fruits and vegetables, trees, ornamental flowers, medicinal herbs, farm animals, pets, along with other fauna and flora, who then have an opportunity to incorporate the updates into their own RNA~DNA evolutionary processes.


Enzymes control cell-division and the replication of DNA itself – Since enzymes are made up of minerals, the importance of a complete array of minerals becomes apparent.

Humic and Fulvic Acid – The ocean is a massive collection of well-digested, premium-grade, compost. It is therefore, our planet’s largest natural source of a balanced, complex array of rare-earth elements and minerals: the very building-blocks of “life-as-we-know-it.”

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